white girl

White Girl

She’s more potent than her suitors realize
One look at this white girl
And most can’t believe their eyes
They think they’ve found some kind of prize
But she don’t love just you

I see the way they undress her like candy from a wrapper
She’s looking back at you wondering why you don’t just take her all in
But you want to savor this moment forever
Can’t let one drop of her go to waste
Cause the next day she might taste even better

After a long day of work, stress, and trials from the world
You can always count on that white girl
For she lifts your spirit up in a way that God can’t
But she’s so addictive in an unnatural way that God ain’t
Yeah, that white girl got all my brothers feeling faint

You find yourself sprung off her
She seems to do what most antibiotics and pain pills won’t
Providing a cure for all your ailments and problems
First, she lures you in with her scent
And you ingest her aroma inch by inch

And then she takes and takes
Because this white girl is not cheap
And you want the lavish life too even if you can’t afford
Even if you have to let some things go and leave your family life in discord
Cause this white girl gives you all that and more

And because she takes up so much of your time
I mean one hit of her ain’t enough
She’s got to have your daytime, evenings, and nights
And you lose sight of your life

And you know she has to stay beautiful
For all those young and old
Takes so much of their soul
And the stride out of their step
And she takes away everything they have left

The lust for that white girl takes a toll on their appearance
She’s so sweet you could end up with tooth decay
She’s not into big men that much so she forces you to lose weight
But yet she doesn’t mind when you skip a few baths
As long as the love you have for her will last

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ughh, i hate craming

but the weird thing is, i make great work 3 in the morning, with chips strawberry’s and water with me.

yah, i noe its bad but water washes it all down ;P fooood helps me think. That doesn’t go for stephie thoe. When she works, she likes it nice and quiet… well mayb sumtimes with music

…..and especially when she’s sleeping… wow, you can’t even hear the mouse on xmas eve danngg. anyways, im here sitting infront of her laptop while doing typography hmwrk..

which is due tmwr,, grr.. but im having fun with it. im doing beta, it means devil….

its weird, stephies doing alpha=the dude, and im doing beta=the chick. i guess she’s a bit of a devil… anywais, (i dont wanna get into that)

its 1:47 and everyone in her whole house is sound asleep, EXCEPT FOR ME!

ughh, did i tell you i hate cramming?!


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one tickle on her hand


a composition, as of lime and water or of whiting,  size, andwater, used for whitening walls, woodwork, etc.

anything, as deceptive words or actions, used to cover up orgloss over faults, errors, or wrongdoings, or absolve awrongdoer from blame.

Sports Informal . a defeat in which the loser fails to score.

Slang Dictionary
  1. tv.
    to make something look better than it really is; to concealsomething bad. :  Now, don’t try to whitewash this incident.Open up about it.

ughhhhh…. NONE OF THESE ARE CORRECT! . . . to be white washed is to simply act, walk, talk, cry, and turn red like a white person (like a tomato, exactly!) BUT, i love being white washed because stephie made me white washed. She planned the whole damn thing! and itS great. I can do what a  non-white-washed peorson can’t, LOVE HOCKEY! AND BEER! AND TO BE EFFING STUBBORN!

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Since you know that I am dating a very beautiful white girl, I have become a new man!        . . . Or her family just transformed me into a white dude (get it duuuuuuude, it came from the white people’s)

Anyhow, I realized that my way of living has changed just a tiny bit. Sometimes I ask myself. . .

“am I really saying this or, am I really doing this?”

and I’ll tell you why. . .

How I became whitewashed . . .

  • I now say please and thank you to everyone that I talk to
  • My grammar and spelling has IMPROVED!
  • I put my drinks on coasters, even when I’m at home!
  • I eat with napkins
  • I give cards when there’s an occasion
  • I walk, feed and play with basil (Stephie’s dog). And I call him bro! haha, I laugh every time I think about that because I’ve always thought that a dog is just an animal, but now he’s a family member. I think it’s pretty cool!
  • I’ve lived in Silver-Star,Vernon for a week and water skied. Unfortunately I broke my foot while attempting to do it 8(
  • I don’t eat rice with every meal, I put butter with my steamed vegetables. I KNOW RIGHT! I’m even talking white
  • As you can see, my type setting has also improved and I’m really happy with it

white-washed to be continued . . . stay tuned

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Wilipino Flights

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podcast !

stephie and I started our own podcast today. Thinking about a topic for our podcast was extremely HARD! but it was tons of fun. woot woot.

We laughed throughout the whole thing…. from topics like; problems, likes, dislikes… future (yeah don’t ask), pet peeves (got the one wrong). Apparently her most pet pieve is *SPITTING* and I said, when people tell her what to do… duhh.

Then, we tried to play jeopardy based on our relationship. We tried to write a script….. that totally didn’t work becuase it was wayy tooooo awkward for me… See, I’m like the funny bone… its humurous… ha. ha. get it? next subject

dont wanna b all cheesy and milky but the whole time, while stephie was thinking that i was lookin at the screen, but i was actually looking at her1 her cute smile and her gorgeousnesssss, woot woot

In the end, we finally just talked about us and how we met… said goodbye and decided to call ourselves                                                           * WILIPINO FLIGHTS* = Filipino/White!

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a whitewashed fence

The picket’s white washed appearance
Wiped clearly away exposing something or other
I hear
The wind whistles a song that morphs the landscape’s atmosphere
While women want what women want
and God knows I will never know
What that is my friend so dear
Lord knows I will never know what that is

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you are me stephie.

you are my stephie, my only stephie

you make me happy, when skies are grey

you never know dear, how much i love you

please dont take my stephie away ❤

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bandwagon: when you a become a canucks fan just because everyone else is into it and because we’re in the playoff.

Alright, i have to admit that i have joined the bandwagon…. all because of the white people’s. In particular, stephanie dawe!

Hmm, I’m kinda glad that stephie’s dad is a crazy hockey fan cuz everytime he wactches hockey, i kinda have to watch it to so i can at least try to build a stronger relationship with him . . . well i would drink beer to but . . . eh, maybe next year (I’m not really a fan of alexander keith’s, I’m more of a corona)

Anyways, I would like to thank stephanie dawe for introducing me to hockey! I truely aprreciate it because I can now feel the true spirit of hockey!  . . . lame .



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Hi my name is Jerry Lino Jr. I am filipino, 18 years old and I’m 5’4

…… oh yeah, im dating a white girl.

She’s 5’7, blonde, fair, and has green eyes. In this blog, I am taking you on a walk in my shoes as I’m exploring the challenging task of dating a white girl.

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